Antfu这篇文章 描述了他全职做开源项目后的一些变化,主要是精神层面,有不少内容挺值得思考的。

It’s quite similar to "Make your hobby your job". It indeed has a great amount of benefits, like you will be more enjoyable and productive, but it also comes with obligations and responsibilities. When a hobby becomes a job, you lose the freedom to choose when and what to. Before, you would do your hobbies as after-work relaxation, but now when you want to relax with your hobbies, they become work.

Usually, people would say – in these three factors, you can only pick two. If you want to deliver a project faster, you might have to sacrifice the quality or have a smaller scope of features. If you want to have a high-quality and feature-rich product, you might have to sacrifice speed to deliver good stuff slowly, and so on.

So, to say, I usually pick Quality and Velocity. In the beginning, the scope of my projects was quite clear and small. I managed to keep the quality high, deliver things fast, and get feedback from the community quickly. At that time, I was able to stay productive and motivated to keep working on those projects.